Clariant To Build Innovation Center

Specialty chemicals manufacturer Clariant International Ltd., Switzerland, is investing 50 million
euros to build a 23,000-square-meter innovation center in Frankfurt to expand its global research
and development activities. The Clariant Innovation Center will house 500 employees and will work
closely with company facilities in Gendorf, Germany, Lamotte, France, and Suzano, Brazil, along
with 40 application centers globally.

The center is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012. The center’s open architectural
office and laboratory concept will bring together chemical research and development activities
under Clariant’s Group Technology Services structure and application-oriented laboratories and the
technical marketing functions of several business units. Clariant’s Chemical Analysis and New
Business Development and Intellectual Property Management units as well as the Patent department
will be located in the building. 

“Our product innovations will also address current megatrends such as renewable energies,
energy efficiency and renewable resources with a view to opening up new business opportunities
beyond current markets,” said Christian Kohlpaintner, Executive Committee member and head of
research and development, Clariant. “A market- and customer-focus will remain at the center of our

January/February 2011