Monforts Offers Web-Based Service Portal

Germany-based A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG now provides an Internet-based service
portal for all new machine models featuring the Qualitex 540 and 750 PLC control systems. The new
portal, which replaces the existing telephone modem service package, uses secure Internet links
with state-of-the-art software reverse proxy technology.

A Web cam option and headphones included in the new service package enable two-way
communication between the machine operator and the Monforts engineer through firewalls, allowing
the operator to point out the problem at its location and receive a diagnosis.

Test-run setup and installation are accelerated by the voice-over Internet protocol system,
and software updates can be downloaded easily, according to Monforts. Manuals are included in the
service package, and spare parts may be ordered directly from the keyboard.

May/June 2008