SETeMA Unveils Three New Products

SETeMa BV, the Netherlands, introduced three new products at FESPA 2008, held recently in Geneva.

The compact E-STeaM series high-volume fixation units are used to fix disperse dyes on
polyester and also to fix all other textile dyes. The E-STeaM ES-B36 model with a capacity of 36
meters uses only 20 to 30 percent of the energy required for conventional units, and has a superior
price performance ratio, according to SETeMa. The series also includes the ES-B18 with a capacity
of 18 meters, which is upgradable to the ES-B36. The ES-B36 also can be extended by adding ES-U
modular extension units. The series, based on the Portafix Universal series, features a built-in
steam boiler, forced steam circulation and steam regeneration.

A new Drum-Dryer can be combined with SETeMa’s Porta-Clean and Porta-Pad units, respectively,
for inline washing/drying and coating/drying. Production capacity ranges between 68 and 135 meters
per hour.

A modular ascending batch winder for higher roll capacity offers automatic transverse
substrate correction with cloth-side detection. It can be integrated with SETeMa’s other products.

March/April 2008