Ciba Develops MagiCarpet Jet-Printing System

Switzerland-based Ciba Specialty
Chemicals Inc. has introduced MagiCarpet, a carpet jet-printing system that includes dyes and
chemicals for all fiber types, and Ciba® Alcoprint® CT-DP thickener. Endorsed by Austria-based J.
Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH, MagiCarpet was specially designed for Zimmer’s ChromoJet® printers. The
system is suitable for all finished carpet products including carpet tiles, rugs, mats and
wall-to-wall carpets. According to Ciba, Alcoprint CT-DP thickener allows brilliant shades and
maximizes fixation even at low pHs.


Ciba has introduced MagiCarpet, a jet-printing system for carpets, for use with Zimmer’s
Chromojet™ printer.

“[The system] allows carpet printers to make the most of all the advantages of jet printing,
including high flexibility in terms of fiber materials, production runs, design and end product,”
said Peter Otto, global head of Textile Effects marketing, Ciba.

May/June 2006