Streat Instruments Develops New Tumble Dryer Controller

Streat Instruments Ltd., New Zealand,
now offers its Streat Tumble Dryer Controller, which measures garment moisture in the exhaust ducts
of tumble dryers. A non-contact moisture sensor installed in the duct replaces the direct-contact
sensor traditionally used in Streat’s Drycom system.

The controller — which can be incorporated into existing dryers — detects when drying
conditions have reached the optimum, preset level, and then automatically switches the cycle from
drying to cooling, ensuring that garments are not overdried. Because the system relies on the
condition of the load as opposed to the timer used in previous systems, operators can expect energy
savings and consistent product quality, Streat reports.

The product has been installed in some Scottish cashmere and fine wool knitters’ finishing

January/February 2006