Milliken Adds To StainSmart® Technology

Milliken & Company, Spartanburg,
has expanded its StainSmart® line of fabric technology with the introduction of StainSmart 3™, a
back-to-face finish application that combines stain repellency, stain release and moisture wicking
in polyesters and polyester/cotton fabric blends.

Milliken’s new StainSmart® 3 fabric technology combines stain repellency, stain release and
moisture-wicking properties.

Through a precision finishing
process, the outer face of the fabric repels liquid-based spills, preventing most stains. The
inside of the fabric wicks moisture away from the body, making the wearer more comfortable. The
entire fabric contains a releasing technology that works on ground-in penetrating stains such as
salad dressing, enabling these stains to wash out during at-home laundering, and making it suitable
for a variety of uniform and apparel applications.

StainSmart 3 is available via custom development through Milliken.

October 2005