Küsters To Install Machinery In Pakistan

Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik GmbH and Co. KG, Germany, has received orders from Nishat Chunian
and Nishat Mills – both based in Pakistan – for one bleaching range, one dyeing range and one
mercerizing range each. All ranges are continuous open-width and are designed for treatment of
3,200-mm-wide, 80- to 250-grams-per square-meter woven fabrics such as poplin, bed linen,
jacquards, satin and striped satin made with cotton, Lycra®, cotton/polyester and viscose. The
companies also have ordered two latest-generation HyCon-L calenders to process fabrics 3,400 mm
wide. Küsters reports the calenders add luster and a soft hand to fabrics in one fabric passage.

April 2005