EcoSqueeze Reduces Crease And Selvage Marks

Germany-based Lindauer Dornier GmbH has introduced the EcoSqueeze® circular squeezing machine
for use with tubular-knit fabrics. The machine features two squeezing units that each consist of
one outer pressure roller and two inner counter rollers. The units are driven around the fabric
tube in a circular motion via a drive rim, while they squeeze the fabric tube from the inside and
outside at the same time.

According to Dornier, the machine achieves the highest dewatering effects, eliminating as much
as 40 percent of residual moisture content. Other features include the reduction of crease and
selvage marks and mesh distortion; adjustability of a defined spreading and squeezing force on the
circular expander; and fully reproducible squeezing results due to computerized process parameters.
The machine can process tubular-knit goods ranging from 250 to 1,000 millimeters (mm) in width.

April 2005