BASF, Woolmark Introduce Basolan® Certification Program

BASF AG, Germany, and The Woolmark Co., Australia, plan to introduce a sourcing and supply
certification program for BASF’s Basolan® 88 Easy Care-treated products. Basolan 88 provides an
antifelt effect for mild finishing of premium wool yarns and knitwear, and wool blends.

“The new certificate will be issued by Woolmark and us to manufacturers who use Basolan 88,”
said Andreas Bastian, BASF product manager responsible for Basolan 88. “Their products will
therefore have an additional quality seal. In this way, we create more transparency for buyers of
woolen textiles.”

A list of companies that receive the Approved User Certificate will be provided to retail
buyers to ensure that genuine Basolan 88-treated garments are being sourced.

BASF plans to maintain Basolan 88 as the trade brand, and currently is developing a consumer
label that will promote product benefits and values.

October 2004