DyStar Launches Campaign Against Imitators

DyStar, Germany, has launched a campaign to counter the growing number of imitation products and
trade-names, especially in Asia. The company says the problem is particularly prevalent in the
highly competitive market for disperse dues for the coloration of polyester. DyStar is offering a
brochure and launching an advertising campaign to point out the risks of using imitation
products.Me-too products have been a problem for a long time, said Dr. Jan Verdenhalven, head of
Disperse Dyes, DyStar. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of dyes being sold in
Asia under our tradenames although they are not manufactured by us and do not comply with our high
quality specifications. We will therefore take action against any infringement of out patent and
trademark rights.The company also announced that it has released a new reactive dye. The Remazol®
Black NF reactive dye can be used in exhaust, cold pad-batch and continuous processes such as
pad-dry, pad-steam and pad-dry-stream dyeing methods. The dye is free of metals and AOX and is
compatible with other Remazol dyes.
Circle 312.

November 1999