Burlington And Thread Turn Plastic Into Possibility

Greensboro, N.C. — December 31, 2015 — Burlington, a leader in textile and fabric innovation, has joined Thread™, a company dedicated to creating jobs by transforming trash into quality textiles,to develop innovative fabrics that change lives and fulfill the market’s growing demand for responsible products.
The partnership positions Burlington as the exclusive global woven manufacturer to develop socially and environmentally responsible fabric that looks and feels great, while doing good. Thread takes plastic waste from the landfills, canals and streets of Haiti and Honduras in an effort to end global poverty by creating dignified jobs.  Bottles are processed through entrepreneurial collection centers in these countries to prepare the recycled content for transformation into yarn in the United States.  The local centers create more than 3,500 income opportunities and provide a traceable supply chain, from Ground to Good™.
“Working to stimulate change in developing communities has become an exciting opportunity for all of us at Burlington,” states Jeff Peck, Burlington President. “One we know that will have a lasting impact on many lives as it provides jobs and offers a high quality recycled fabric for consumers that is environmentally and socially responsible. Consumers can feel good about these fabrics knowing that each yard is made with repurposed material that is creating jobs and supporting communities.”
“It’s not just about our fabric coming from the poorest neighborhoods in the world or being made from trash”, says Ian Rosenberger, Thread CEO. “It’s about creating products that we can all be proud to wear. It’s about slowing down an industry that can be obsessed with fast and cheap, and showing that where our clothes come from is just as important as where we take them.  Partnering with Burlington allows us to layer our one-of-a-kind stories and supply chain with their industry-leading technical capabilities to create fabrics that outperforms at every level.”
An official Bluesign® System partner, Burlington remains committed to reducing manufacturing impact on the environment and humankind-without comprising the quality, function and design of its technologies including those created through its Thread partnership for consumers worldwide.
Posted January 4, 2016 
Source: Burlington