Sicomin And Fairmat Collaborate To Create Recycled Carbon Composite Stiffener For Next-Generation Body Scale

CHATEAUNEUF LES MARTIGUES, France — July 1, 2024 — Sicomin, the formulator of high-performance epoxy resin systems including the market leading GreenPoxy® bio-resin range, is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with carbon composite recycling leader Fairmat. The two French specialists in sustainable composites have joined forces to create an optimized internal stiffener for a new state of the art body scan scale.

With immediate effect, Sicomin will supply production volumes of FireGreen 37 fire-retardant bio-epoxy that Fairmat will use to press mold a 100% recycled CFRP chip structural reinforcement plate.

Fairmat uses advanced mechanical processes, robotics and AI, to repurpose high-value, carbon fiber waste streams from leading composite industry OEMs and Tier 1s including Hexcel. For this product, Sicomin FireGreen epoxy resins are combined with the recycled carbon composite materials in an automated molding process to create a lighter and more structurally efficient internal stiffener for the digital body scan scale.

Fairmat Chips for Pick and Place

Fairmat has selected FireGreen 37 resin for the new component after validating its performance in the new production process. Sicomin resins have demonstrated remarkable compatibility with the recycled carbon composite produced by Fairmat, enabling fast wet-out of the pre-cured chips that are robotically positioned into the component mould before press curing. Sicomin also provide quality control documentation that integrates with Fairmat’s Fairtrack Manufacturing Execution System (MES), allowing the rapid, energy efficient conversion of prepreg carbon waste into traceable, lightweight, second-generation carbon fiber materials with validated mechanical performance.

Fairmat Stiffener

FireGreen 37 is a halogen free, fire-retardant bio-epoxy that combines exceptional fire performance with a sustainable formulation, featuring 25% plant-based carbon content. It is an intumescent epoxy resin system optimized for laminating and press molding processes and is available with a range of hardeners permitting fast production cure cycles.

“Sicomin is proud to support leading innovators Fairmat with a locally sourced, next generation, epoxy solution. We have supported Fairmat with a range of specialist epoxy materials and are delighted to work with them on production volumes of FireGreen 37,” comments Marc Denjean, Global Sales Manager, Sicomin. “Together, Fairmat and Sicomin are committed to providing a second life for recycled carbon fiber materials by repurposing these products and delivering innovative, performance driven, market solutions.”

Posted: July 1, 2024

Source: Sicomin