New Rutland™ Evolve™ Bio Plastisol™ Inks From Avient Feature More Than 50-Percent Bio-Derived Content For Sustainable Screen Printing

KENNESAW, Ga. — June 3, 2024 — Avient Corp., a premier provider of specialized and sustainable materials solutions and services, is pleased to announce the launch of Rutland™ Evolve™ Bio Plastisol™ Inks for the screen printing industry.

New Rutland™ Evolve™ Bio Plastisol™ Inks from Avient, containing 56-59% bio-derived content, are available from Rutland distributors beginning June 3, 2024.

Created with 56 to 59 percent bio-derived content and tested to ASTM D6866, Rutland Evolve Bio Plastisol Inks can reduce screen printers’ reliance on fossil fuel-based inks while seamlessly introducing more sustainable practices to plastisol screen printing shops. These inks are currently offered in white and mixing base inks and provide an intuitive printing experience with standard screen printing equipment and processes.

“At Avient Specialty Inks, we’re committed to offering innovative screen printing inks that support sustainability objectives without compromising on performance,” said Jake Ojeda, global marketing and sales director, Avient Specialty Inks. “Rutland Evolve Bio Plastisol Inks are a great example of this – they allow screen printers to incorporate bio-derived inks that maintain the on-press performance Rutland is known for.”

Rutland Evolve Bio Plastisol Inks print compatibly with Rutland NPT C3 Pigments and can be mixed to thousands of Pantone®-simulated colors using IMS 3.0, Avient Specialty Inks’ proprietary color formulation software. When printing with these inks, formulas in IMS 3.0 will calculate the amount of bio-derived content associated with each Pantone color. They are manufactured in the United States and available from Rutland distributors.

Posted: June 3, 2024

Source: Avient Corporation