Belgium’s Leading Outdoor Retailer A.S.Adventure, New Reseller Of OrganoTex

TÄBY, Sweden  — February 21, 2024 — OrganoClick’s brand OrganoTex is being launched in the Belgian A.S.Adventure’s network of stores and online platform during February.

A.S.Adventure is part of the Yonderland Group, Europe’s largest outdoor chain with over 190 stores, where OrganoTex is already represented with its Eco-labelled textile impregnation, as well as the range of biodegradable shoe care and detergents through the collaboration with the Dutch chain Bever.

With A.S.Adventure as a new retailer, OrganoTex continues its international expansion into Belgium, aligning with OrganoClick’s expansion strategy.

“We are looking forward to commencing our partnership with A.S.Adventure through our distributor for the Benelux countries, Ideavelop B.V. We are reaching a large new audience of consumers in Belgium while further developing our position as a supplier to Yonderland after a successful launch together with the Dutch chain Bever in 2023,” says Susanne Karlsson, Sales Manager for OrganoTex® at OrganoClick.

A.S.Adventure is a Belgian retail chain specializing in outdoor and sports equipment. Founded in 1995, the company offers a wide range of products for camping, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. The chain comprises 48 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

OrganoTex is a Swedish innovation based on a patented green technology inspired by the water-repellent properties of the lotus plant. The brand includes textile and shoe waterproofing, detergent products for functional garments and a industrial DWR. All products are PFAS-free and readily biodegradable — so nothing is left in nature. OrganoTex is owned, developed, and manufactured by the Swedish greentech company OrganoClick.

Posted: February 21, 2024

Source: OrganoClick AB