American Flock Association Launches Flock 4.0 With New Website, Tagline, And Logo

CHERRYVILLE, N.C. — January 4, 2024 — The American Flock Association, which represents flock manufacturers and their suppliers In North America, today formally introduced a new website, logo, and tagline in connection with the launch of Flock 4.0, a program designed to highlight the many innovative ways that North American flocking manufacturers are using flock to add value to a new generation of high-tech products.

The re-branding of the AFA through Flock 4.0 underscores an evolution in this industry that has been underway for the past decade.

Historically, flock has been seen as a design element that can enhance the appearance and hand of consumer goods. Flock 4.0 underscores the fact that Flocking can do – and is doing – much more. This includes, but is not limited to, using flock in new electric vehicles to reduce sound, rattles, echoes, and windshield glare. Flocking is also applied to boats to improve speed and save fuel. It can also be used as a thermal isolator or added to car floor mats to add slip resistance.

AFA’s new website is found here , and offers easy access to information about the association, our members, design fundamentals and industry news. An updated FAQ, which lists examples of new, high-tech applications for flocking is available here.

The AFA website underwent a complete redesign and is easy to access and navigate on any smart phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. The logo and tagline have been updated, but still reflect the design elements people have come to know and associate with the North American Flock industry and AFA.

“Today’s flock technology and end products are not ‘old school,” said Steve Rosenthal, Managing Director of the AFA.

“Our members have taken flocking to new heights. From absorbing sound, heat, and light to adding flame retardancy and antimicrobial qualities, today’s flock offers an unlimited number of solutions ready to solve challenges in a variety of industries,” he added.

“We need to let the world know about these advances and Flock 4.0 is our answer. This is a year-long marketing campaign informing the markets we serve — and new ones on the horizon — about the major advances and flock capabilities that have been developed by our member companies.”

Posted: January 4, 2024

Source: The American Flock Association