Mannington Commercial Introduces Xpress Rubber

CALHOUN, Ga., July 19, 2023 — Mannington Commercial, a leading manufacturer of commercial flooring products crafted with purpose, introduces Xpress Rubber, a selection of products from the BurkeBase® Wall Base, ColorScape® StairTreads and ColorScape® Tile collections that ship in 10 days or less.

As is true with all products in the Mannington Xpress program, Xpress Rubber features a wide range of the company’s most popular styles and colors with clear pricing and quick shipping.

“We curated this selection to ensure commercial designers can get these must-haves quickly and reliably to match with their other flooring and meet a tight deadline,” said Al Boulogne, Vice President, Commercial Carpet and Rubber. “Wall base and stair treads take a lot of abuse, so getting the right product can make all the difference in appearance, performance and the life-cycle costs of a project.”

Xpress Rubber features five colors from the BurkeBase TS Cove Base and the ColorScape Stair Treads and ColorScape Tile collections — Black, Black Brown, Charcoal, Gray and Rocky. Sizes include ColorScape Round Tile (18.125” x 18.125”), 6’x13” ColorScape Round Stair Treads, 4’x13” ColorScape Round Stair Treads and 4”x4” TS Cove BurkeBase.

In addition, the program offers six colors for the BurkeBase TV and TP Cove Base styles – Black, Black Brown, Charcoal, Gray, Rocky and White. Sizes include 4”x4’ TV Cove BurkeBase and 4”x4’ TP Cove BurkeBase.

Mannington Commercial’s rubber and vinyl products are engineered for heavy traffic and high maintenance areas and are scuff- and scratch-resistant. The BurkeBase Collection is backed by Mannington Commercial’s 5-year limited commercial wear warranty, while the Stair and Tile Collections offer a 10-year limited commercial wear warranty.

Made in the USA, all Xpress Rubber products are produced in facilities certified to ISO 14001, supporting local economies with conservation-minded manufacturing. All products are FloorScore Certified, carry a published HPD, and may contribute to LEED and Green Globes credits.

Posted July 25, 2023

Source: Mannington Commercial