MASTER S.R.L. Introduce The New “Craftyflow” And “Craftyrope” For The Dyeing Of Denim Warps

MACHERIO, Italy — June 7, 2023 — While proudly celebrating 60 years since the starting of MASTER S.R.L., we are thrilled to announce the revolution represented by MASTER’s new machines “Craftyflow” and “Craftyrope” for the dyeing of denim warps, the only ones with the extraordinary possibility to work both according to traditional technique (natural atmosphere) and in nitrogen atmosphere.

These particular machines — thanks to their ingenious and exclusive dual-technology, to classic dyeing in air — can advantageously add to operate, under Nitrogen, the processes of bottoming, topping and sandwich, with final results as never achieved before.

Instead when operated under Nitrogen, more evolved and ecological system, with the use of less than half of dyeing boxes, the machines allow reduction of chemicals consumption:

  • hydrosulphite, by 75%,
  • caustic soda, by 80%
  • water, by 80%

With innovative dyeing results, that are unique and inimitable on traditional machines, achieved with the maximum sustainability.

This new achievement is the result of the continuous research and trials, that have made Master a pioneer in indigo dyeing, having realized, first in the world, in 1972, the machine mod. “slasher”.

Afterwards, continuing our evolution, in 2004, we have set another milestone with the realization of the innovative Genius modules, introducing the dyeing technique in nitrogen atmosphere.

Our nitrogen dyeing technology for denim warps has been adopted by some of the most important denim producers and it has been applied also to our groundbreaking “BINGO”, the unique flexible and advanced machine for fabric dyeing, suitable for indigo and sulphur colors.

In practice, these particular machines having the possibility to operate both in air and under Nitrogen, represent the state of the art, in terms of adding to tradition, innovation of processes and products, higher versatility, ease of use and most of all quality of results and sustainability.

MASTER is ready for the future and to support denim industry.

MASTER will not be present at ITMA, but we will be available to meet you at our offices and/or send you more details.

Posted: June 7, 2023

Source: MASTER S.R.L.