Sympatex And ColorDigital GmbH Cooperate

UNTERFÖHRING, Germany — May 11, 2023 — Sympatex, the inventor of the highly functional yet fully recyclable membrane, today announced it’s partnership with DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH, to enable more efficient workflows through digitalization.

The partnership will enable Sympatex to streamline it’s supply chain. ColorDigital’s collaborative solution DMIx® (Digital. Meta. Interaction.), helps improve efficiencies as well as reduce it’s environmental impact in the product creation process. By reducing the number of physical material samples produced and transported, digitalization reduces waste, CO2 emissions, and the amount of water and chemicals needed for dyeing.

“Sympatex’s value chain – our value chain for working with our partners is the most important progression. Going new ways together is the goal. With our partner ColorDigital and the corresponding tools, we offer the perfect “together” in all respects: – shortened paths through digital, future-oriented measures and processes – savings at all levels (product developments, process flows, delivery routes),” says Kim Scholze CSMO Sympatex.

“As early as this summer of 2023, we will provide parallel True Cost calculations for every product, which are automatically shown on the delivery bill and invoice — together with the DMIx tools, we believe this is the future of a more transparent and responsible business management – in the sense of an optimized partnership-based value chain,” added Scholze.

The innovative DMIx Software-as-a-Service solutions leverage the latest technologies to create a new digitized level of interaction and collaboration between brands and suppliers that promotes complete transparency and openness. All parties are able to move from physical to virtual collection development by sharing designs digitally in real time, applying technologies like digital color standards based on spectral color measurements and photorealisstic textures.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Sympatex to the DMIx platform and work with them on their digital journey. DMIx offers a seamless real-time digital interaction and connectivity to all relevant industry applications, stakeholders can transform from physical to virtual collection development.” Gerd Willschütz & Olaf Kölling, creators of DMIx and founders of ColorDigital GmbH.

The DMIx platform provides scientific color management, Digital Twin technology, human avatars and real-time master data solutions which are able to connect to all major design and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. This not only saves cost and time, but also minimizes the environmental footprint in certain parts of the supply chain by controlling lab dip processes and mass production, reducing the large number of samples and prototypes traditionally used.

“Ensuring color accuracy throughout the phygital supply chain is critical for brands and suppliers to deliver consistent, high-quality pro-ducts. With DMIx’s end-to-end solution, Color Technology and Digital Twin Technology work seamlessly together to provide a single source of truth for color, size and appearance. DMIx’s physical-digital approach combines the best of the physical and digital worlds, enabling brands and suppliers to accelerate their product development cycles and bring products to market faster while reducing their environmental impact. ” says Gerd Willschütz, COO and co-founder of ColorDigital GmbH, the company behind DMIx.

Posted: May 12, 2023

Source: Sympatex Technologies GmbH