Cotton Incorporated Shares The Features Of Cotton In Honor Of National Wear Pajamas To Work Day

CARY, N.C. — March 27, 2023 — This year, Cotton Incorporated celebrates 50 years of the Seal of Cotton, the iconic logo that indicates a product contains cotton. Since 1973, the trademark has come to symbolize the attributes of this natural, sustainable, dependable, hardworking material.

From the home goods we use, like sheets and towels, to the clothes we buy, like jeans, tee shirts and pajamas, we experience the touch, the feel of cotton every day. We rely on it so much so that it’s become The Fabric of Our Lives.

On April 16, Cotton Incorporated encourages you to wear cotton pajamas to work as part of National Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Among the benefits of cotton:

  • Cotton is natural. Cotton is a plant grown from the earth. It starts as a flower and matures into a boll with a fluffy interior, which is spun into the soft fabric we know and love.
  • Cotton breathes. Cotton is soft, absorbent and breathable. Clothing labels containing at least 60% cotton are considered “cotton-rich” and are less likely to be itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy. Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so it keeps you cool and comfortable.[1]
  • Cotton clothes last longer. Cotton keeps its shape. There is such a thing as too much stretch. The more spandex you add to a garment, the higher your chances of sagging, bagging and stretching out. Keep your clothes from getting bent out of shape by looking for less than 5% spandex on the label.
  • Cotton is easy to maintain. Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, so let your washing machine do your dirty work and enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.

To be sure, check for the Seal of Cotton and for cotton content. Apparel should have at least 60% cotton, jeans should have 90% and sheets and towels should be 100% cotton to reap the benefits.

[1] Marjory Joseph. Introductory Textile Science, 5th Edition, 1984, pp. 358-359.   

Posted: March 27, 2023

Source: Cotton Incorporated