FILO: ZDHC Award To Responsible Companies In “Chemical Management”

BIELLA, Italy— February 13, 2023 — The ZDHC Supplier Platform is a critical tool for companies to effectively implement sustainable chemical management practices. The platform provides valuable resources and guidance, to help companies make informed decisions and continuously improve their sustainability efforts.

To further strengthen the collaboration between Filo and ZDHC and to recognize the efforts of several of the companies exhibiting at Filo, ZDHC Regional Director Elisa Gavazza will award companies having reached the Foundational and Progressive Level in the Supplier Platform by hand delivering a copy of the Certificate released by the Supplier Platform itself, that companies will be able to expose at their booth.

The ZDHC AWARDS will be awarded as part of the “Dialoghi di Confronto” of the 59th edition of Filo.

The appointment is at Allianz MiCo-Milan, Filo Networking Area

Wednesday 22 February 2023, at 4 pm

Receiving the ZDHC AWARD is a significant accomplishment for any company, that demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable chemical management. The award also serves to inspire other companies to adopt similar practices and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

The 59th edition of Filo takes place on 22nd and 23rd of February 2023 at Allianz MiCo – Milano

Posted: February 13, 2023

Source: Filo