Two More Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Adopt Traceability With FibreTrace®

MOREE, Australia — December 12, 2022 — With two more of Pakistan’s most prominent textile manufacturers now adopting FibreTrace®, it is clear to see the region is committed to making a change in the global textile supply chain, championing conscious textiles and source-to-store transparency using physical traceability technology.

This commitment extends to climate accountability, as both new partners, Diamond Denim by Sapphire (vertically integrated mill) and Artistic Apparels (garment manufacturer) will use climate positive Good Earth Cotton® in their conscious collections — all audited and traced at each step of the supply chain.

The new partners have adopted FibreTrace VERIFIED and Good Earth Cotton with the recognition that authenticated and quantifiable physical traceability is a prerequisite to sustainability in the global supply chain.

Diamond Denim by Sapphire, a vertically integrated mill under ownership of one of the country’s largest conglomerates, looks forward to being able to transparently validate and confirm the provenance of their Good Earth Cotton textiles using FibreTrace in an initiative which aligns with the company’s ongoing investment in sustainable textiles, solar-powered operations, and environmentally beneficial upgrades to departments

“Our key area of focus in developing fabrics today is sustainability and transparency. Working with Good Earth Cotton will drive us forward in this journey by providing our customers with verified, accurate, and traceable details on their cotton supply chain,” said Ali Abdullah, CEO at Diamond Denim by Sapphire.

Future-forward garment manufacturer, Artistic Apparels, is proud to lead the industry by example. By joining forces with FibreTrace and Good Earth Cotton, the manufacturer hopes to pave the way for a sustainable textile industry built on the principles of transparency and traceability.

“As a garment manufacturer, we felt the pressing need to deliver sustainable and traceable products to our customers and integrate a system of accountability and transparency within our supply chains,” said Ayesha Jan, head of Department, Development & Innovation, Artistic Apparels.

“Our collaboration with FibreTrace allows us to be cognizant of the impact of each product we manufacture and ensure that we’re able to play our part in combatting climate change by reducing our carbon emissions.”

FibreTrace-marked collections from Diamond Denim and Artistic Apparels will be available early 2023.

Posted: December 12, 2022

Source: Good Earth Cotton®