Innovate. First. – PRIMO. INNOVARE. – First In-Person And Virtual Pacific Northwest Event Focused On Italian Innovation

SEATTLE — November 16, 2022 — Today, in the Crystal Room at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) in downtown Seattle, the General Consul of Italy in San Francisco, Sergio Strozzi, will kick off the first-ever in-person event focused on highlighting Italian innovation and the Italian startup ecosystem.

More than 70 accredited investors and twenty venture funds, together with business leaders from Amazon and Microsoft, and other selected companies and trade organizations in Washington State are registered to attend. An open metaverse-inspired virtual event experience is now live and will be updated with all the content from the event. The virtual event experience is available now and free for everyone to access and enjoy at

The event will feature a panel focused on: “Building Bridges and Connecting Innovation Communities.” The panel will feature: John Cook, Co-Founder and Publisher of Geekwire, Microsoft’s Director of Startup Programs, Tom Davis, former CEO of Solair, an Italian startup acquired by Microsoft Corporation, Amazon’s Marcello Majonchi, former Chief Product Officer of Solair and now Amazon’s GM of AWS EBS Edge, and Martina Welkhoff, Managing Partner VXR Venture Fund.

The event will showcase ten of the most innovative Italian startups. Each one will pitch for five minutes. After the pitch, each startup is paired with a carefully selected wine from Italy and from the Pacific Northwest. Attendees will enjoy a curated wine-tasting experience accompanied by tasty appetizers.

As a G7 country, Italy is already a key innovation player in Europe and in the ever more strategic Mediterranean area. Italy is increasingly attracting private investments from the USA. For the first time, Italy is represented on the west coast with a physical innovation and culture center, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and supervised by the Consulate General and the Embassy of Italy in Washington: INNOVIT located in downtown San Francisco is now open for business. Corporate partners, startups, VCs, scientific research and international cooperation organizations are all welcome to visit and engage with it.

“Italy’s innovation ecosystem is growing, now leveraging the resources allocated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan with more than 200 BLN Euros (the largest in the EU) and on investments in technology, such as the new Leonardo supercomputer, which will be inaugurated in Bologna on November 24th of this year. The goal of the PRIMO. INNOVARE. event is to inform and strengthen the relationship in this crucial field between the West Coast of the USA and Italy. Our long-lasting partnership is based on common values including a real passion for innovation, merit-based entrepreneurship, and the long-lasting solid friendship between our two Countries. Let’s join forces now and bring meaningful, innovative solutions to market to solve real problems, and boost the partnership and economic relations between Italy and the amazing business leaders, and investors in the great State of Washington.” – Sergio Strozzi, General Consul of Italy, San Francisco.

Under the leadership of Fabrizio Rovatti and Area Science Park Innovation Factory, and Serena, a local 501.c.3 Private Operating Foundation, you will be able to enjoy learning about some of the best examples of Italian ingenuity and innovation.

If interested in learning more please visit and or email: if interested in receiving an invite please contact

Geekwire, our media partner, will host videos of all presentations on its YouTube channel after the event. Below you will find a brief description of each one of the Italian startups featured at the event:

  • 221e – Intelligent Precision Sensing. Artificial intelligence can add substantial value to your product. So can sensor fusion. 221e’s sensor fusion AI technology, combines the two, unlocks critical real-time insights using machine learning of multi-sensor data.
  • CAEMate – Engineering Software company developing disruptive technologies for Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Infrastructures (pipelines, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, slopes, buildings, eolic towers, etc.). Its unique cloud-based platform WeStatiX SHM enables the creation of Digital Twins of Infrastructure, which are automatically and continuously updated with data measured by any type of sensor installed on the asset.
  • Contents – Generative AI Solutions for Content Creation. platform is a unique gateway to support any company throughout the whole content workflow, from ideation, through creation, to transformation. A solution powered by Generative AI tools trained on multi-language proprietary datasets.
  • ML Cube – AD cube is an AI-based platform that maximizes the return on the investment on digital advertising spend. AD cube is the first fully automatized AI tool able to optimize adv campaigns across the whole marketing funnel.
  • MYWAI – Equipment as a Service (EaaS) platform provider using Edge AI for building and delivering Intelligent Services at the very edge of Industry 4, Medical & Smart Cities equipment. MYWAI has developed a patented technology blending Edge AI, chip-based neural networks, and blockchain to deliver and certify innovative technical (e.g. Predictive Maintenance) and non-technical (e.g. Pay per Use, Pay per Outcome, Pay per Event) service models directly at the edge of Industrial, Medical and Smart Cities Equipment.
  • Omnia BPM simplifies and accelerates production and innovation in enterprise software. The only low- code Application platform which combines a powerful BPM with many unique, intelligent features to achieve the shortest Time-To-Market, including many powerful “Smart Apps”: ready-to-use apps, that can be creatively combined, like lego bricks, for unlimited innovation.
  • Screevo is the Voice Assistant that saves deskless workers from data entry into any software systems. Screevo offers an offline, edge and AI-powered voice assistant capable of adapting to any process with a no-code web platform to manage the conversations configuration.
  • Tolemaica – if it exists you can certify it. Tolemaica instantly and automatically certifies any data stream (photos, audio, video, digital contract, etc.) with legal value by smartphones and other devices such as drones, action cameras, satellites, scanners, etc.
  • Winedering enables travelers find the perfect wine experience all over the world and assist boutique wineries to be visible online. Winedering created a search engine optimization process helping wineries be visible online.

Posted: November 15, 2022

Source: Thomas Public Relations, Inc.