A Change Is In The Air … What’s In Store For You?

TW Special Report

To find out more come and visit the JK Group/MS Printing Solutions booth at Printed United, October 19-21, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas in North Hall & Central Hall, Booth C 9140.

We will talk about the revolutionary dye-sub ink for outdoor panels; Long-lasting reliability; efficiency with sustainable costs.

  • Digistar Helios is a revolutionary dye-sub ink specifically designed for printing on ChromaLuxe Outdoor Panels , engineered by JK Group R&D in tandem with ChromaLuxe, the leading manufacturer of the world’s finest metal photo panels. Digistar Helios is revolutionary because double the Lifespan of Outdoor Signage! It boasts an impressive 10+ years of durability when infused into ChromaLuxe Outdoor Panels coated with a polymer-based substrate. To lifespan, we add other benefits: striking color, depth of the images, extreme durability, and easy printing cleaning.  If you want to discover more about Digistar Helios printing on ChromaLuxe Outdoor Panels come and join us Thursday, October 20 at 3:00-3:45 p.m. in the PRINTING United Expo Press Conference Room (Room N247*) you will meet JK and ChromaLuxe team who will explain and show you more. (*room number is subject to change)
  • At the booth you will see the JP4 Evo working with Digistar K-ONE. JP4 is a compact scanning machine able to meet today’s efficiency targets thanks to its lifespan, easy installation, and low maintenance. The JP4 EVO is the choice for those searching for reliable solution, low running cost and less capital investment. “The innovation is new products but also being able to respond to the change requirements in real-time. Today, partners profitability is the textile printing industry requirement, and JP4 matches the need,” said Stefano Prando, MS Global sales director.
  • The current mega-trend is pigment inks. The current mega-trend is pigment printing, allowing less water and energy consumption. Pigment Printing is an easy and waterless process, allowing a sustainable production chain and ensuring cost-effective printing outputs. JK Group (through Kiian Digital brand) is in the third generation of pigment ink: DIGISTAR K-ONE 4.0. The time allows JK to reach top performances in reliability and printability, an indispensable condition of the current printing standards. “Today’s urgency is to respond to the supply chain concerns in terms of sustainability but also cope with supply chain disruption and costs. Pigment printing is one of the answers, and dye-sub printing is the other,” explained Claudio Bonfanti, JK Group’s Global commercial director.

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October 2022