Online The “Languages” Of The 58th Edition Of Filo

BIELLA, Italy — June 9, 2022 — Starting today, “Languages” – the creative proposals carried out for the “Dialoghi Creativi” of the 58th Filo edition – are available on Filo’s website in a digital format ( ).

The proposals for the “Dialoghi Creativi” of the 58th edition of Filo – developed by Gianni Bologna (responsible for Filo’s creativity and style) – are described in an extremely evocative video, whose title is “Languages”. The general macro-theme is then expanded in four textile interpretations: “Pictograms”, “Body language”, “Emoji”, and “Silence”.

With a view to the 58th Filo edition, Filo continues to favour the publication of the creative proposals exclusively through the online format, and Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, explains why: “The release of the video containing the inspirations for the next edition is one of the most awaited and appreciated events not only for Filo’s exhibitors, but also for all the professionals working in the textile-apparel industry. That’s why we have decided to release Filo’s style proposals as widely as possible, by choosing the digital channel, for the added value that it represents for our supply chain in terms of communication – and inspiration – towards the companies”. Mr. Monfermoso adds: “Filo’s proposals have a unique connotation in the panorama of textile fairs: they focus on products, proposing yarns, processes and materials that can result into multiple textile solutions, to the point of imagining end products. Starting by this edition, we have decided to call them “Dialoghi Creativi”, since they represent a great source of inspiration for each company, which will then be able to create and customise products according to their needs and following their creative ideas, in a continuous “dialogue” between Filo and the companies which take part in it. In conclusion, our intention is to offer to the companies a real “technical and stylistic handbook” to be consulted at any time and from anywhere, by simply browsing our website”.

This is how Gianni Bologna explains the theme chosen for the 58th edition of Filo: “We are dwelling on “Languages” since nowadays communication is not just a mean of transmission anymore; it actually replaces what we defined as “reality” and “identity”. The four themes that we have selected identify four aesthetic expressions and ways to wear garments linked to these identities which hover around these identities, more or less “influenced” by communication. They are four languages expressing “oneself”, that can distinguish types of consumption and self-representation: naturalness, connection, awareness of body and physical wellness, need for abstraction”.

The 58th edition of Filo will be held on the 14th and the 15th of September 2022 at MiCo Milan.

Posted: June 9, 2022

Source: Filo