Evolution And Impact Of The ACIMIT Sustainable Technologies Project

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The “Sustainable Technologies” project, realized by ACIMIT, the Association of the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, starting from 2011, testifies the commitment of Italian manufacturers of textile machinery in the development of technological solutions to improve the environmental sustainability of their products.

The main output of the project is ACIMIT Green Label, a voluntary declaration of Italian textile machinery companies, which shows the energy and/or environmental performances of its machines. An international certification body, RINA, has validated the Green Label issuing process and evaluations it contains. Every year RINA verifies — on the 20 percent of the joined companies —  both the evaluation criteria and operating conditions of the machinery being assessed for the labeling process.

In recent years the companies involved in the project have implemented technological innovations on their machines with a resulting improvement from the point of view of energy and environment. Ninety percent of the Suppliers of Sustainable Technologies has made some innovations on their machines, with or without the Green Label. Of these, 48 percent have made changes across the overall portfolio. Technological areas in which companies have mainly invested concern: software — 19 percent of companies; mechanical components — 18 percent; and production process — 16 percent.

Moreover, data provided by companies allowed to calculate the impact generated by the project from. The analysis allowed to quantify the really achieved reduction of emissions of CO2 eq. generated from companies implementing technological innovations on their machines with the Green Label, improving their energy/environmental performance. In particular, it has been estimated a lower reduction of emissions of 221,181 tonn CO2 eq. over the previous year, equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions generated by 38,534 cars driving (on average) 35,000 kilometers per year, or 23,306 world citizens per year.

Here are the key figures of the ACIMIT Green Label:

  • 44 ACIMIT member companies joined the project;
  • 1433 Green Labels were created from 2012 to present;
  • 48 percent of the companies modified the Green Label machinery, in order to improve its energy/environmental performance, from 2015 to present;
  • 55 percent of the companies plan to make other modifications on Green Label machinery, in order to improve its energy/environmental performance, during 2022;
  • 34 percent of the machines reduced energy consumption;
  • 5 inspections carried out by a third party (RINA) every year.

For more information visit https://www.green-label.it/en/.

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June 14, 2022