DNA Technical Fabrics Celebrates 20 Years

COLUMBUS, Ga. —  April 28, 2022 — Monday, May 2, 2022, marks the 20th Anniversary of DNA Technical Fabrics. Daily-in house festivities all week will cumulate with a party on Sat. May 7 at the main plant for employees and their families featuring food, music, games and recognition.

DNA Technical Fabrics President, Monte Galbraith, stated: “I’m thankful for our customers past and present who for 20 years have entrusted us with their business, without them we wouldn’t be here. Most of all I’m proud of our team who operate the plant, build relationships with customers and manage our finances. Through thick and thin many have been here since day one and that says a lot about who they are…flexible, loyal and committed.”

Galbraith went on to say: “On May 2, 2002 the $85 million plant was only four years old, in pristine condition and outfitted with the latest manufacturing technologies. In the ensuing 20 years we continued to invest and add manufacturing capabilities. We knew from day one we had to bring interesting & important fabrics to market so we’ve continually offered new products, opened new markets and when necessary bowed to new realities. And the reality is that over 20 years a lot can change. Adaptability is key to our success and will remain so going forward.

“Again I’m very happy for our team as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary.  Looking forward I’m optimistic because we’re positioned well, have customers to serve and a new future to build.”

DNA Technical Fabrics, based in Columbus, Ga., is a privately held fabric manufacture for fire retardant garments, industrial applications and military uses. The manufacturing plants cover 307,000 square feet in the Corporate Ridge Business Park in east Columbus employing more than 150 people.

Posted: May 28, 2022

Source: DNA Technical Fabrics