Culp Encourages Associates To Focus On Mental Health And Sleep Wellness

CHIGH POINT, N.C. — March 21, 2022 — Throughout the month of March, Culp Inc. — together with its consolidated subsidiaries, CULP — is encouraging its associates to focus on the importance of mental health and sleep wellness. CULP’s Human Resources team has been reaching out to all associates via video messaging, emails, text messages, postcards, and slides on internal TV monitors throughout the company’s U.S. facilities. This week, the company is introducing the first annual “CULP Sleep Week.”

March is Sleep Awareness Month, and being in the bedding industry, CULP wants to emphasize to its associates the connection between a person’s sleep and overall health. CULP Sleep Week will focus on stress management and ways to better one’s sleep. Associates will learn about many topics, such as the importance of healthy eating to improve sleep, yoga practices, meditation, dream journaling, and other relaxation techniques.

“CULP has been encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices for many years,” said Teresa Huffman, senior vice president of Human Resources for Culp Inc. “Statistics show that Americans are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. We want our associates to know how much we care about them and ensure they know about the resources and benefits  that are available to them and to their families.”

Posted March 22, 2022

Source: Culp Inc.