Alchemie Establishes Taiwan Showroom

England-based Alchemie Technology reports it has shipped one of its Endeavour™ digital dyeing machines to Taiwan. Endeavour produces no wastewater and reduces energy consumption by 85 percent compared to traditional dyeing processes. The machine will be installed at JSRTEX Group as part of an Alchemie demonstration hub and showroom to communicate the benefits of the technology to potential customers in Asia. Alchemie has plans to establish more showrooms around the globe.

“Alchemie plans to deliver a significant number of Endeavour low energy, waterless dyeing machines into Asia in the next two years, where most of the world’s dyeing and finishing takes place,” said Dr. Simon Kew, managing director of Alchemie Technology. “This will also require the support of governments through investment, grants and legislation, and the critical effort of brands and pioneering manufacturers in their supply chains. Having an Endeavour demonstration hub in Taiwan is another important milestone on our journey towards transforming the fashion industry and helping to reduce its climate impact. We are excited to be delivering the long-awaited transition to more sustainable textile dyeing.”

January/February 2022