Klopman: Enhancing Supply Chain Transparency And Efficiency With New Supplier Portal

FROSINONE, Italy — October 28, 2021 — With the arrival of the pandemic and the consequent changes that have taken place for businesses globally, companies had to face shifting dynamics that significantly stressed the Supply Chain. The procurement of raw materials, mainly from Asia, highlighted the vulnerability of the entire procurement system and the extreme importance that the accuracy and timing of trading information have for reliable performance across the entire Supply Chain.

Klopman has therefore designed and implemented an innovative web-based application called ‘Supplier Portal’. This portal is shared with suppliers and aims to speed up the entire information flow between all parties, optimizing time and processes.

“We are very proud of this new tool, designed and created by and for Klopman and all of our supply chain partners,” said Manlio Ferragni, group Supply Chain and Purchasing director of the company. “It is a direct response to the many challenges the industry faces at this difficult time. The pandemic has highlighted all the limits of the supply chains of numerous companies, in almost every sector. At Klopman, we have chosen to analyze the situation, transforming it into opportunities for growth and innovation by involving our Supply Chain.”

Klopman’s ‘Supplier Portal’ provides a shared end-to-end vision of the company’s Supply Chain process, generating interaction with suppliers and promoting transparency in the supply chain. Within the portal, in real time, suppliers will have access to all the documentary information regarding their orders. Klopman, at the same time, will gain real-time evidence of the progress of all orders and related information.

This information flow will directly feed the Klopman ERP system, making the same data available to each department that needs it, throughout the entire organization.

“Our ‘Supplier Portal’,” concluded Ferragni, “is the result of an important Group project, developed with the involvement of our Supply Chain Team and the support of the IT department. It is an important strategic step towards a new way of thinking and managing the communication interface of the entire supply chain. Today, more than ever, an effective, efficient and transparent two-way information exchange is necessary, so as to allow the entire supply chain to obtain information in a collaborative way.”

Posted October 28, 2021

Source: Klopman International s.r.l.