Polyfab Announces Comtex+ And Polytex+ Coming To USA

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — July 7, 2021 —  In the most transformative change in the history of Polyfab USA, the company is pleased to announce it has made several major improvements for 2021. These changes to the product line are intended to reinforce the company’s reputation as “a world leading manufacturer and wholesaler of premium shade products”!

Polyfab has developed new versions of Polytex and Comtex, which will be called Polytex+ and Comtex+. The new versions of these products will be tentered (heat-set) and retain the same FR properties of Polytex and Comtex — both new versions will continue to meet the FR standards of NFPA-701 (2019).

For the fabricator, heat-setting gives the knitted fabric a slightly softer hand — which the sewing machine operators like — and the fabric has better “lay-flat” with less curling on the edges and is much easier for fabricators to work with. Also, since the heating process takes out some of the shrinkage in the fabric, the tentered fabric will shrink less and have improved dimensional stability, i.e. less settling in therefore less retensioning.

Polyfab is also pleased to announce that the following colors of Polytex+ and Comtex+ will be made with new and improved pigments:

  • Bronze;
  • Grape;
  • Lemon Yellow;
  • Lime;
  • Orange;
  • Red; and
  • Rust.

The new version of these colors is slightly more intense than the original color shades.

As a confirmation of the company’s confidence in these changes, Polyfab will be increasing its warranty period for the new Polytex+ and Comtex+ from 10 years to 12 years.

The company is also be adding new colors. Most of the new colors are based on Colorbond® Steel Colours of Australia, which are used for roofing, fascias, garage doors, fences, sheds, patios & pergolas. These building colors will go well for shade structures against all types of buildings in the United States:

  • Polytex+ Paperbark;
  • Comtex+ Paperbark;
  • Polytex+ Woodland Grey;
  • Comtex+ Monument;
  • Polytex+ Monument;
  • Comtex+ Smoke;
  • Polytex+ Manor Red; and
  • Polytex+ Orange.



ARCHITEC 400® — A 12 oz. per square yard premium extra heavy duty knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for larger tension membrane structures and architectural shade sails.

COMSHADE® XTRA — A 12 oz. per square yard premium extra heavy duty knitted HDPE shadecloth designed for larger tension membrane structures and architectural shade sails, which significantly exceeds other shade fabric on the market for UV protection and strength to weight ratio.

COMTEX+® — A 10 oz. per square yard superior fire rated knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for medium – large tension membrane structures and architectural shade sails.

PARASOL™ — A 9.6 oz. per square yard commercial grade shadecloth suitable for shade sails, tension structures and other heavy duty applications.

POLYTEX+® – A 7 oz. per square yard superior fire rated knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for use in modular shade structures and shade sails.  Recommended for residential and small commercial projects.


COVERSHADE™ — High quality monofilament shadecloth, UV stabilized to maintain its strength and flexibility.  For protection of horticultural/agricultural crops as well as general purpose protection for livestock and equipment, scaffold and privacy shades, over-the-road truck tarps and trash truck covers.

POLYSHIELD™ — A high quality reinforced HDPE laminated fabric suitable for disaster and storm tarps, haystack covers, stationary equipment covers and tent flooring.

SOLARPRO™ — A heavily UV stabilized general purpose cover for greenhouse/hothouse applications.


PATTERNPRO™ ULTRA STABLE PATTERNING FABRIC — Clear HDPE woven scrim and coated both sides.  Ideal for marine canvas and awning patterning, good stability and ‘lay-flat’, resistant to wind and water.

POLYFAB PRO™ SHADE SAIL CLEANER — A concentrated, environmentally safe, high-strength cleaner, designed to remove difficult soils from HDPE or vinyl fabrics with minimal effort.

POLYFAB PRO™ SHADE SAIL HARDWARE — A full line of professional-grade stainless steel and other metal fittings for fabricating and installing shade sails.

POLYFAB SHADE SAIL EDGE WEBBING™ — Made in Australia, this polyester webbing is 1” & 2” wide and put up on 109 yard rolls.  Available in colors to match most of the shadecloth lines.


For shade sails, awnings, marine covers and other high end fabric projects. Warrantied for the lifespan of the fabric it’s sewn onto.

Posted July 8, 2021