RadiciGroup Joins Bocconi SDA Monitor For Circular Fashion

MILAN, Italy — March 25, 2021 — RadiciGroup — an Italian multinational founded in Bergamo and leader in the production of polyamide polymers, advanced textile solutions and engineering polymers for applications in a variety of industries, including textiles and fashion —  is participating in the “Monitor for Circular Fashion”, an innovative Italian project launched by the SDA Bocconi School of Management and Enel X, with the objective of creating an Italian fashion community through the collaboration of the supply chain players most committed to the sustainability agenda.

The initiative aims to assess the state of maturity of the circular economy in the Italian fashion industry, to define an ambitious plan integrating circularity in fashion and to develop new concrete and measurable circular economy solutions through the sharing of best practices, with the goal of making the strategic fashion sector ever more sustainable.

Marco De Silvestri, sales and marketing director of RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions – Apparel & Technical, commented: “The evolution of fashion with a view to promoting sustainability is a key element in the reboot of this strategic sector of our economy. As upstream players in the supply chain, we have always tried to share our knowledge of materials and deliver solutions featuring both better performance and respect for the environment. We have implemented a circular economy business model, striving to create durable, quality products by investing in innovation, using low-impact and recyclable raw materials, choosing renewable sources, minimizing waste, perfecting processes and adopting rigorous environmental impact measurement systems.”

However, we are convinced the circular economy cannot be put into practice by anyone working alone,” De Silvestri continued. “That is why we have enthusiastically joined this community, where we will work as a team with other fashion industry players to share excellent practices and lay the groundwork for developing innovative, sustainable and measurable solutions for the Italian fashion industry.”

Posted March 25, 2021

Source: RadiciGroup