Concept III Launches New Digital Content Series Showcasing Its Partners’ Achievements

RED BANK, N.J. — March 15, 2021 — Concept III — a supplier of sustainable textile-based product solutions — has launched a digital video series highlighting individual partners, focusing on each company’s latest fabric developments and sustainability initiatives. The series kicks off with a video on its partner Dry-Tex, a Shanghai-based mill dedicated to responsible manufacturing practices.

“Due to ongoing global restrictions on travel, we’ve employed exciting, new strategies to keep our customers, our partners, and the industry engaged with one another,” said Chris Parkes of Concept III. “And we want to make it clear that our commitment to them hasn’t wavered. This is a very hands-on business, and since we can’t meet face-to-face right now, we had to get creative in how we meet our obligations to everyone we serve, and these videos signify just one more way we’re doing that.”

Concept III notes the video series also seeks to keep their customers in-the-know with regard to industry trends and innovations that could have gone overlooked in 2020.

“There’s been a lot happening at Dry-Tex that many of our customers haven’t been able to see first-hand,” said Andy Dong, president of Dry-Tex. “With these digital videos, Concept III came up with a great solution to show the world what we’ve been up to. And it just shows they always have our back, especially when we need it most.”

The Dry-Tex video can now be accessed at Concept III’s LinkedIn page. The next video, scheduled to be released in the coming months, will focus on Taipei-based Kingwhale.

Posted March 15, 2021

Source: Concept III