Hexcel’s HexPly® M9 Prepreg Receives Type Approval Certification From DNV GL

STAMFORD, Conn. — February 1, 2021 — Hexcel is pleased to announce Type Approval Certification of its HexPly® M9 prepreg materials by DNV GL. The addition of the HexPly M9 prepreg range to Hexcel’s already comprehensive DNV GL certified portfolio provides ship and boat builders with optimal prepreg processing options.

HexPly M9 prepregs enable short cure cycles at 100˚C and above and provide an excellent balance between ease of processing and mechanical performance. Available in high tack and medium tack variants, HexPly M9 prepregs are available with a wide range of unidirectional, woven, and multiaxial reinforcements. Partnered with Hexcel’s own HexTow® IMC2 and HexTow HM54/HM63 fibers, designers and engineers can optimize highly loaded composite structures such as masts, wing sails, and foils with increased glass transition temperatures (Tg) and excellent long-term fatigue performance.

Hexcel has completed the DNV GL certification for HexPly M9 in response to the rapidly increasing demand for type-approved high-performance prepreg materials for large composite structures in the commercial marine craft.

Hexcel’s collaboration with Chantiers de l’Atlantique on its new Silenseas cruise ship concept — a concept that uses composite Solid Sail® propulsion as well as dual-fuel engines to reduce emissions and operating costs — is one such application. In this case, DNV GL type approval provides third-party assurance of the product’s quality, performance and consistency, and also helps to streamline the approval of composite parts that replace traditionally metallic structures.

Hexcel has supplied advanced composite materials to the marine industry for more than 40 years and manufactures a comprehensive range of DNV GL certified products including woven reinforcements, multiaxial fabrics, prepregs, and adhesive films. Hexcel is committed to developing new composite technologies for the marine sector, helping builders evolve their designs to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient, and a sustainable craft for the future.

“Our latest Type Approval Certification is an important part of our strategy to provide the most complete package of DNV GL certified composite materials for the marine sector,” said Andreas Sageder, Product Manager at Hexcel. “With the addition of our M9 prepreg resin systems, mast, ship, and boat builders have an expanded range of processing and cure options available for parts requiring higher Tg and improved fatigue performance.”

Posted: February 1, 2021

Source: Hexcel Corporation