Groundbreaking COVID-19 Air Disinfection Is Here As APJeT Achieves Complete ‘Kill’ Of Surrogate Human Coronavirus With Its Patent Pending Air Plasma Technology

MORRISVILLE, N.C. — January 12, 2021 — As the pandemic surges, APJeT® Inc., an advanced technology company located in Research Triangle Park/Morrisville, N.C., today announced that its atmospheric plasma technology is now a reality for disinfecting circulated air and surfaces against COVID-19. Having achieved 100-percent “kill” rates on a human coronavirus surrogate, APJeT, has developed four systems for the application of its technology: an air disinfection device (the COVIDINATOR™) for integration into existing and new HVAC systems, a stand-alone air disinfection system, a “wand” for treating surfaces and a “kill box” for article disinfection. The company will introduce its new-tech air plasma disinfection systems to the market this quarter.

“Achieving a complete ‘kill’, the 100-percent elimination of the coronavirus, in enclosed spaces is a big step forward for human safety and returning life to normal for travelers, office-workers, and movie-goers,” said APJeT CEO Bentley Park.

APJeT’s patented air disinfection system can be easily incorporated into existing and new HVAC systems in community spaces, large and small, effectively disinfecting the air.

APJeT expects that its air and surface disinfection technology will be widely used in hospitals, offices, schools and in the airline, cruise, and hotel industries, which have been among the hardest hit by the current pandemic.

Independent testing at ResInnova Laboratories, proved APJeT’s plasma surface disinfection “wand” to achieve a complete “kill” on a human coronavirus (a COVID-19 surrogate) when applied for only 90 seconds. In comparison, other widely used methods such as UV-c light or bipolar ionization only achieve 99.9 percent (3-log) kill rate.

APJeT systems not only achieve higher kill rates, but also work much faster, are safer, use less energy and produce less ozone.

“The incremental difference in APJeT achieving a 100 percent ‘kill’ rate means that people are 1,000 times less likely to become infected when air plasma technology is applied versus the most advanced technology that’s currently available. It’s game-changing.” added Park.

APJeT’s plasma air disinfection device, the ‘COVIDINATOR™, was tested and certified results confirm a complete elimination, or “total kill”, in one pass of room-circulated air. The outside lab tested air disinfection rates using Staphylococcus Epidermidis as a surrogate bacteria for MRSA, which is listed on the EPA’s website as being more difficult to eliminate than coronaviruses.

APJeT’s plasma disinfection systems use a patent-pending cold plasma technology that breakdown the oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) molecules in air into individual atoms. When these atoms recombine with the moisture in air, they create what are known as ‘reactive species’, that destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Posted January 15, 2021

Source: APJeT® Inc.