Huntsman Introduces High IQ® Lasting Black Eco

Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects has added High IQ® Lasting Black eco to its High IQ brand assurance program. The color-retention program is based on Huntsman’s Avitera® SE Black reactive dye and is aimed at helping manufacturers, brands and retailers ensure eco-friendly black colors maintain their intense black color through the lifetime of the garment. Huntsman reports its Avitera Black SE dye can reduce the use of water and energy by up to 50 percent during processing, thus making it an economic and environmentally sustainable choice.

“With HIGH IQ Lasting Black eco, Huntsman Textile Effects continues to lead the industry in providing sustainable dyeing solutions for eco-friendly black shades that deliver excellent value through color performance,” said Jay Naidu, Vice President Strategic Marketing and Planning, Huntsman Textile Effects.

Huntsman also recently reported that more than 130 million liters of water have been saved in the year since its ERIOPON® E3-SAVE textile auxiliary for polyester processing was introduced. Dyeing polyester and polyester blends has traditionally been a resource intensive, costly, time-consuming endeavor. Eriopon E3-Save was developed to address these issues, and allows mills to combine the prescouring, dyeing and reduction clearing steps into a single bath.

September/October 2020