U.S. Medical Textile Products Manufacturer Announces DermaSaver Sci-Tex Face Mask Proven Highly Effective In An Independent Laboratory Virus Blocking Test

CANTON, Mass. — August 7, 2020 — With the increase in face covering mandates and concerns over getting and spreading Covid-19, there is a proliferation of masks and face coverings offered to the general public with little proof of their effectiveness.

Ed Goodwin, the founder and product development manager of HipSaver Inc., has always obtained scientific validation for all of his medical textile products. He engaged Nelson Laboratories, a leading, global testing lab specializing in expert advisory and testing solutions for medical device and biologics companies, to test the DermaSaver Sci-Tex Mask construction.

The Viral Filtration Efficacy (VFE) test they conducted showed the DermaSaver Sci-Tex Mask material construction to be an average of 91.8-percent effective in preventing aerosolized virus particles from penetrating through the mask. The virus particles tested are five times smaller than Covid-19 virus particles, implying that the efficacy against preventing Covid-19 virus particles from penetration could be even greater. Nelson Labs full report can be viewed at dermasaver.com.

“We believed our product would be effective based on the known textile science, and now these results from Nelson Labs have proven that to be true,” Goodwin said. “Virus transmission experts agree that exposure duration and dose volume of virus particles are two key factors in overwhelming the immune system. This test result shows a dramatic reduction in the dose volume exposure.”

Consumers who have used the DermaSaver Sci-Tex mask have raved about its light weight and comfort and now they can be assured that they are not sacrificing protection for comfort.

The mask which retails for less than $20, consists of two layers of water resistant (hydrophobic) microfiber polyester that repels airborne droplets unlike hydrophilic cotton. The brushed inside surfaces of the layers mesh together to create an additional barrier.

Additional features include:

  • All lightweight fabric construction is totally machine washable and dryable — more than 200 times;
  • Nose bridge insert molds to the face to reduces eyeglass fogging;
  • Soft stretch ear bands for no abrasive, cutting or hard contact surfaces;
  • Adjustable ear bands for a perfect fit and gap-free perimeter seal for maximum protection;
  • No latex or chemical finishes;
  • Average, petite and children’s sizes available;
  • Breathable without using potentially hazardous non-filtered exhalation valves; and
  • No filters to buy and replace.

Founded in 1995, HipSaver Inc. is an FDA registered small business and medical textile products manufacturer located in Norwood, Mass. HipSaver designs, develops and manufactures more than 30 unique products including HipSaver hip protectors and DermaSaver skin protection & pressure reduction products. All of HipSaver products are manufactured exclusively in the USA and distributed to nursing homes, hospitals and individuals across the country and globally.

Posted August 7, 2020

Source: HipSaver Inc.