Style Group Launches Fabrics Proven To Fight Against Coronavirus

BRADFORD, England — June 17, 2020 — Style Group, a  manufacturer of blinds, has today launched two highly innovative products in the fight against COVID-19, expected to be available to retailers in the UK this year.

The United Kingdom-based company — which has production plants in Spain, the Netherlands and Romania — manufactures fabrics for the home, business and hotel industry, has launched a new line of fabric technologies that are made up of Antivaltex — a new fabric that kills corona type viruses at the very contact, and Aircleantex —  a fabric that transforms ultraviolet light and purifies the air.

Antiviraltex and Aircleantex have been proven to eliminate coronaviruses and the flu virus, meeting the requirements of the ISO and following the testing and approval of Microbiological Solutions LTC UK.

Brooks Hayward, director of Global Business Development at Style Group, said: “It important that as leading manufacturers of window covers, we are providing a solution that enables our customers to sell innovative, life enhancing products. The introduction of Antiviraltex and Aircleantex into all types of fabric materials for hotels, offices, and homes, will give customers peace of mind when selling our products, that puts the consumer and their health, front of mind”.

“We expect to see interest in our innovative fabrics and we are proud to announce that our clients in the UK will soon be able to sell these technologically advanced and potentially life changing fabrics”.

Style Group’s CEO Juan Albertini said: “It’s been a long time in the making and these innovative fabrics are set to revolutionize our market. Anti-viral protection is a priority for hotels, homes and businesses.

Posted June 17, 2020

Source: Style Group