British Standards Institution (BSI) Uses Technology To Provide Clients Remote Alternatives To Traditional Auditing And Training

LONDON — April 23, 2020 — BSI, the business improvement company, has a suite of solutions that enable the delivery of critical services and products without disruption to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As individuals, companies and organizations around the world have needed to adapt to evolving new realities and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, BSI has been able to provide steady guidance and business continuity by offering remote audits, consulting services, and online training to keep businesses functioning and maintain certificate validity.

As an industry leader in immersive technologies, BSI is well positioned to provide clients with a portfolio of solutions to help them maintain operations and adhere to safety guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the use of immersive technologies to the front of mind for clients, BSI has been a leader in the provision of live online training, as well as the use of drones for aerial imaging, smart wearables for live-streaming audits, and video conferencing for in-depth document review and process analysis for some time. All in an effort to better serve clients while also saving time and resources. In addition, the use of remote services, where possible, has the added benefit of reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Now, more than ever, these technologies are serving our clients:

  • BSI remote audits enable us to support organizations by delivering their audit programs, how and when they need it, with the same trusted experts;
  • BSI remote consulting enables us to provide a holistic approach to consulting projects; from environmental compliance support and inspection services to industrial hygiene; assessments and workplace safety observations, our subject matter experts (SME’s) utilize emerging technologies to deliver an immersive consulting experience; and
  • BSI connected learning live enables us to continue to run our courses, delivering high-quality online learning and trusted expertise.

“BSI’s immersive technology solutions is an exciting way to deliver our services that allows our global team of auditors to conduct audits regardless of the situation or potential crisis at hand, still adding value in the process while providing trust. Remote auditing and training using the latest technology demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients a resilient, global and uninterrupted auditing and certification service,” said Pietro Foschi, group director Assurance Services, BSI. “Although we’ve been offering many of the services and technology for some time, the current global situation has made their utilization an important alternative to the traditional delivery methods.”

As the current situation subsides, the world slowly recovers, and governments and organizations begin to reassess the new normal , BSI is prepared to continue delivering these services to meet client needs. In the meantime, by adapting our workforce to meet the needs of our clients in a time of social distancing and mitigation efforts, we will continue to provide the services and certifications our clients rely on.

Posted April 23, 2020

Source: British Standards Institution (BSI)