NexTex To Launch TurboDry™ At OutDoor Retailer

ATLANTA — January 14, 2020 — NexTex Innovations announced today that it will introduce TurboDry Technology, a new category of high-performance fabric at January’s Outdoor Retailer Show. TurboDry patent-pending fabrics incorporate a revolutionary drying technology that relies on the principals of biomimicry — design inspired by nature — to quickly transport moisture, in one direction, away from the wearer’s skin to its exterior. This process, based on the physics of contact angles and capillary action, keeps wearers dry and is more durable and sustainable than chemically-coated alternatives.

“TurboDry gives wearers unprecedented comfort through improved sweat management,” said Chad Lawrence, NexTex’s CEO and a 22-year veteran of the textile industry. “The technology can be used in just about any activewear apparel or accessory imaginable. From shirts, to base layer, to shorts, to underwear, to leggings, beanies, seamless, the possibilities are vast.” TurboDry Technology works with not only filament yarns, but also spun fibers and various fiber blends, including chief value cottons (CVCs) and regenerated cellulosic materials.

TurboDry is the creation of Dr. Jason (Jun-Yan) Hu, a former senior research fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University who is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NexTex Innovations. After many years of researching how trees draw water from their roots to their leaves, Dr. Hu was able to mimic that ability and translate it into warp-knit, weft-knit, narrow elastics, and seamless fabrics. NexTex Innovations, an Atlanta-based technology hub that leverages strategic partnerships with researchers, brands, universities and manufacturers, has exclusive rights to launch TurboDry into the International market.

“We’re eager to introduce TurboDry at Outdoor Retailer in January,” Lawrence remarked. The NexTex Innovations booth will feature a large-scale model of capillary structures and hands-on demonstrations of TurboDry fabric’s one-way moisture transport capabilities. TurboDry/NexTex Innovations will be featured all three days of the show on January 29-31, located on the lower level in booth 6011-LL at the Colorado Convention Center.

Lawrence shared, “I’m particularly excited about the sustainable aspects of our fabrics. TurboDry moisture transportation processes are physical and will not wash out, extending the life of the garment. TurboDry can be made with recycled polymers. It can also be produced using same-type polymers (for example, 100-percent polyester) which could allow for future recyclability when the garment has reached its end-of-use.” Additionally, all TurboDry fabrics are bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® certified. TurboDry not only delivers great performance but is also a technology that does not rely on chemicals to achieve its superior one-way moisture transport. TurboDry offers the best of both worlds — exceptional drying performance with carefully considered environmental impact.

Posted January 14, 2020

Source: NexTex Innovations