The 2020 Winter Edition Of Texworld USA And Apparel Sourcing USA Features A Three-Day Robust Educational Program And More

NEW YORK CITY — December 11, 2019 — Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA are pleased to announce the educational line up for Winter 2020. Innovations in today’s fabrics, technology tools, and trends for Spring/Summer 2021 are among the many sessions offered in this edition’s comprehensive educational platform at one of the largest fabric sourcing events for the North American market. Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA will take place January 19-21 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Building off of a successful Fashionsustain during the summer edition, FASHIONINNOVATE will debut and kick off the winter edition on Sunday, January 19, featuring a full-day conference line-up bridging the gap between fashion and technology. This dedicated discussion will bring thought leaders together in an open forum to share insights on the latest trends, technology, and tools in the textile and apparel industry. In conjunction, a brand-new feature to the event is the INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT. A segment that represents Texworld USA’s focus on sustainability and technology, this curated area concentrates on the innovation of processes and advancements of today’s revolutionary fabrics. With this exhibition, Texworld USA will highlight cutting-edge companies such as Jeanologia, brrr°, Hemp Black, and Natural Fiber Welding that will present the newest innovations and offer a wide range of products as an ideal platform for sourcing.

“As the industry rapidly evolves, our platform aims to address these changes through our comprehensive educational program. Comprised of the established Lenzing Seminar Series sessions, engaging panel discussions, and guided tours led by industry experts, this edition will be enhanced by the introduction of a new conference, FASHIONINNOVATE. We are confident that our educational platform will strengthen the event as a whole, as visitors from startup designers to seasoned industry veterans will be able to come away new insights,” stated Jennifer Bacon, show director for Texworld USA/Apparel Sourcing USA.

The Texworld USA January program is designed to offer insightful and informative sessions for every role and level of experience across all segments of the industry.


Powering Fashion’s Future: Technology Tools Impacting Today’s Fashion Industry

An open panel discussion on the technology tools needed to compete in today’s fashion industry. This panel will explain insights into blockchain technology, circular tracing, and the newest software to reduce lead times and waste.


An Explore the Floor Tour to the Innovation Spotlight where attendees will see, feel and learn about the newest innovations in bio-synthetics, smart textiles, and circular design solutions. Visitors will also learn about how established fibers and fabrics are evolving to keep up with circular and sustainable design needs.

Lenzing Innovation Seminar Series Highlights:

The New Dimension Presented by The Doneger Group – Spring/Summer Trends for 2021

A presentation from Roseanne Morrison, Fashion Director at The Doneger Group, who will share the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2021. The New Dimension covers the dynamics taking hold in a global marketplace: The modernization of classic and an appreciation of treasured artisanal elements. Here, fashion meets sustainability and durability, traditional complements high tech, and form marries function.

Women in Textiles

No one can argue the important role women play in the textile industry, from every segment of the supply chain, to the store and beyond. This exciting seminar will feature some of the industry’s most compelling success stories, all told from a woman’s perspective. Featuring both trailblazers and new comers, all of whom will help inspire and guide the audience to change the industry’s future for the better.

How to Grow Your Fashion Business in 2020

Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion about how to create a growth plan for your business in the New Year by focusing on brand development, business mindset, and thoughtful marketing.

Textile Talks Highlights:

Big Data and Manufacturing – How to Effectively Capitalize on the Next Big Trend

Often, trends come and go in a matter of weeks, but for fashion manufacturing, jumping on the fad of the moment can lead to leftover inventory and profit loss. However, when companies use technology to aggregate trend data over multiple retailers and manufacturers, they can begin to predict trends. What’s more, using technology to increase efficiency can reduce production and shipping lead-times to drive products that are on trend in as few as three weeks. During a panel discussion, experts that are integral to the supply chain ecosystem will touch upon how they have been able to produce, ship and receive trend-right product in a short window, while maintaining profitability.

Global Sourcing Trends: What’s on the Horizon for the Textile & Apparel Industry

An open panel discussion on the current world trade policies and how they are shaping the textile and apparel industry sourcing choices.

Registration is open. FASHIONINNOVATE, Texworld USA / Lenzing Innovation Seminar Series, along with the Textile Talk programming is open to all registered Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA attendees. Seating is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. For specific show details and the full seminar schedule, visit or

Winter edition will be held in New York City at the Javits Convention Center, January 19-21, 2020.Connect with Texworld USA/Apparel Sourcing USA (#TexworldUSA). Don’t forget to download the brand-new app that will be launched in January!

Posted December 11, 2019

Source: Messe Frankfurt