The Crypton® Companies Acquire Abercrombie Textiles

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — September 13, 2019 — The Crypton Companies — Crypton LLC & Nanotex LLC — providers of performance textile technologies in the contract, home furnishings, and apparel markets, announced they have entered into a formal agreement to acquire the operations of Abercrombie Textiles, a North Carolina-based textile mill. With a deep commitment to U.S. manufacturing and the preservation and advancement of the American textile industry, Crypton and Abercrombie share a long working relationship and a common customer base.

“This acquisition will create the perfect synergy out of a shared vision. Bringing together an American mill and an American textile innovator will not only preserve jobs but will also create growth and generate new opportunities for American-made textiles,” says Lance Keziah, CEO of Crypton LLC. “It will add a key vertical platform to our business that will help Crypton continue to grow and better serve the needs of our expanding customer base.” Crypton is immediately infusing capital into the company and has been working closely with all suppliers and customers to ensure a smooth transition.

“We are not simply acquiring a mill, we’re carrying on the work of an established, respected partner. We’re uniquely positioned to support the ongoing success of Abercrombie’s venerable customer base,” continues Keziah. Crypton will also be expanding Abercrombie into new markets with cutting-edge designs and product innovation. “Importantly,” adds Keziah, “all of this innovation and expansion means we’ll be positioned to create more jobs for American textile workers.”

Keziah will oversee the company and has tapped respected industry veteran, Ernest Benbassat, as the Executive Vice President of Operations. “We’ve worked with Ernest for several years. He is absolutely the right guy for the job as he embodies the passion and operational leadership to take Abercrombie to the next level,” says Keziah. Former Abercrombie owner John Regan will remain with the company providing continuity, knowledge and sales leadership. “We’re committed to upholding John’s principles for Abercrombie. We plan to continue and expand upon his work, using it as a foundation for innovation while improving the lives of our dedicated employees as we work to win more business,” says Keziah.

As a category leader and innovator of performance technologies for the contract and residential markets, with deep industry relationships and expanding distribution, Crypton is ideally suited to propel Abercrombie into new markets and strengthen its existing customer base. That said, their relationship is not new. Since its inception, Crypton has been committed to supporting American mills. Abercrombie has been working with Crypton for 17 years as a licensed mill partner.

Under Crypton, Abercrombie Textiles will continue to manufacture dobby and jacquard fabrics for a variety of applications, including upholstery, bedding, wallcovering, cubicles and drapery for commercial, residential and transportation end markets. Crypton looks forward to unveiling a new residential collection at the November 2019 Showtime Market that will include a mix of solids, textures and jacquards.

Posted September 13, 2019

Source: Crypton