Flooring Manufacturers To Exhibit At FloorTek Expo 2019

DALTON, Ga. — June 10, 2019 — In 1979, when the industry leaders created AFA, as the Carpet Manufacturing Marketing Association (CMMA), our sole purpose was to organize carpet markets and support the carpet industry. Over time, with the shifting nature of our industry, the focus of FloorTek also changed and became more oriented on the technology and machinery aspects of the floor covering industry. In honor of AFA’s 40th anniversary, we are returning to our roots and extending invitations to flooring manufacturers to exhibit at the FloorTek Expo.

This year’s Expo will be held September 10-12, 2019 at the Dalton Convention Center. AFA is proud to announce that Engineered Floors has already accepted the invitation to exhibit at the inaugural reintroduction of manufacturers to the FloorTek Expo. Engineered Floors is on the cutting edge of innovation & design in the flooring industry and we are excited to have them as an exhibitor. FloorTek aspires to be a hub of innovative thinking and idea sharing in the industry and seeks the participation of all of the industry leading companies at our show.

Stephanie Manis, AFA’s executive director stated: “Our current FloorTek motto is ‘innovation, technology, machinery,’ and we believe that the reintroduction of the floor covering manufacturers at FloorTek will move us in a positive direction to fulfill our commitment to our motto and serve the entire floor covering industry. With the combination of floor covering manufacturers and suppliers exhibiting at the FloorTek Expo 2019, we are expecting a larger attendance than in the past. The upcoming event format will offer an ideal opportunity for flooring industry professionals at every level from around the world to share information and explore every avenue for growing the flooring marketplace”.

Dalton is where decisions are made; Dalton is where technology is making consumer products a better value; Dalton is where flooring begins.

Posted June 10, 2019

Source: American Floorcovering Alliance Inc.