ITMA 2019 Exhibitor Preview: Tandematic

LEXINGTON, N.C. — May 8, 2019 — Tandematic, a provider of tenter accessories, announced the release of the next generation Rail Mounted Trimmer and Rail Guidance System. These two products will be showcased at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona Spain.

Tandematic, for more than 40 years, has continuously innovated products whose ultimate goal is to minimize wasted fabric on tenters. Effective decurling, precision pinning, efficient glue application and finally, minimizing edge trim to less than 4 millimeters means more salable cloth and less waste in landfills.

Developed by a cross functional team of product designers, engineers, field technicians, and manufacturing specialists, the next generation products operate efficiently with minimal downtime, ease of maintenance, and utilize the latest software, electronics and mechanical innovations (including 3-D printed parts). Both products are Industry 4.0 compliant

The Rail Mounted Trimmer — GEN II employs a shearing action using proprietary mounting of self — lubricated, hardened blades. Onboard electronics automatically adjust trimmer speed for accurate, clean cutting while optimizing blade life. Blades are safely removed for re-sharpening using a single tool. As part of a corporate sustainability initiative, Tandematic offers an economical blade exchange program recycling worn blades for re-use.

Edge sensors working with precision actuators automatically maintains preset distance between fabric edge and point of cutting regardless of tension adjustments or process changes.

Trim waste removal is accomplished using a revamped air management system for the GEN II trimmer. Positive pressure aspirators effectively remove trim waste and eliminate clogs common with negative pressure designs.

The entire Gen ll trimmer system uses fewer parts, occupies less space and adapts to any stenter. Standalone systems also are available for applications where a stenter is not used.

An equally important component in trim waste reduction is precision pinning.

The Tandematic GEN II Rail Guider utilizes latest sensor technology seeing any color or configuration — stripes, patterns, etc. without sensitively adjustment. This feature eliminates sensitive operator tuning. Reflectors or below web targets are not required.

Updated control center employs an extremely fast zero dead-band mode for precise exact pinning. Deadband based systems are satisfied with an inherent error unacceptable when minimal trim waste is important.

Redesigned servo-motors position the rail through effective use of a ball screw mechanisms in response to sensor signals with zero backlash or overtravel. The redesigned rail actuator uses 30% fewer parts weighing 50% less than earlier versions.

Maximum rail speed is greater than 200mm/s for quickly accommodating fabric upset conditions (holes, seams, etc.). This rapid response virtually eliminates mispins and overpinning.

The entire Tandematic product line is optionally available on most OEM Stenters or adaptable to existing equipment.

Tandematic is currently accepting orders for GEN II products with Q3 shipments

Visit Tandematic at ITMA Stand H2/A104.

Posted May 8, 2019

Source: Tandematic/Navis Global