JEC Group Presents Composites Solutions For E-Mobility To Emove360° Europe Attendees

PARIS — March 8, 2019 — After hosting two composites pavilions dedicated to automotive industry — one at Mondial.Tech during the Paris Motor Show in 2018, and a second during Detroit Motor Show in January 2019 — JEC Group has decided to participate in eMove360° Europe, the world’s largest trade fair for Mobility 4.0 – electric, connected, autonomous. JEC Group Composites Pavilion will highlight the latest technologies contributing to the development of Electric, Hybrid, but also Hydrogen-powered vehicles.

From October 15-17 in Munich, JEC Group will present Composites Solutions for E-Mobility on a pavilion during eMove360° and will organize accordingly a round table about the benefits provided by the Composites materials in the development of electric, hybrid, but also connected and autonomous cars.

Eric Pierrejean, JEC Group CEO, said: “The automotive sector is accelerating the shift to electric and hybrid mobility, but also integrating alternative energy sources, like hydrogen. A parallel trend is about the evolution from connected cars towards more and more autonomous systems. In both cases, composites materials have a significant role to play thanks to their benefits. They enable not only light weighting and a great design freedom, but also the integration of new functions, including connectivity, the housing & insulation of batteries in electric vehicles, the fuel storage for hydrogen- or CNG- powered Vehicles… Our partnership and our presence at eMove360° will showcase the various solutions offered by composites as enablers of the future of mobility.”

As a part of the partnership, eMove360° will participate at JEC World 2019, from March 12-14, to present and inform about electric mobility with a booth and a panel discussion in the Forum area, on March 13th at 4:30 pm with participants from e.g. DLR (German Aerospace Center) and Bodo Möller Chemie Group. Additionally, a new eMove360° Asia 2019 trade fair as well as eMove360° Asia Conferences about Mobility 4.0 will be held in parallel to JEC Asia 2019 in Seoul, from November 13-15, 2019.

To announce their collaboration, JEC Asia and eMove360° will organize a press conference on March, 13th at 9:30 am at JEC World in the VIP Lounge.

“As an international key player in the New Mobility and because of our roots in the composites business, we fully acknowledge the impact that innovative materials can have in addressing electric, connected and autonomous cars challenges, especially regarding the weight of the vehicles, battery technology or whole new interior concepts,” stated Robert Metzger, CEO of MunichExpo and organizer of the eMove360° Europe 2019. “Our presence during JEC World and JEC Asia 2019 will enable us to present and inform about electric mobility and to further strengthen our position especially in the Asian markets where electric mobility much more advanced compared to Europe and is intensely promoted by Governments.”

Posted March 8, 2019

Source: JEC Group