Lubrizol Launches Hycar® NH3069 Flame Retardant

The Lubrizol Corp., Cleveland, has introduced Hycar® NH3069, a flame retardant product that features self-crosslinking , non-halogen polymer technology. The product is designed for cellulosics — such as cotton, rayon, paper, glass and mixed fiber materials — and does not require additives or halogenated materials. According to Lubrizol, Hycar NH3069 imparts mechanical performance and improved clarity compared to particulate-filled coatings. The product also offers inherent thermal stability and improved color. Hycar NH3069 may be applied using a variety of applications including knife coating, dip and squeeze padding, foam, gravure, screen printing and rod coating.

“This new and unique, halogen-free polymer technology from Lubrizol avoids the need for heavy metals, like antimony trioxide” said Gary Anderle, marketing manager. “It’s a game changer for many applications, and we look forward to exploring its full potential by collaborating with formulators to achieve specific flame retardance needs.”

January/February 2019