Aurora Brings Back The Great American Chocolate Bowl At SGIA EXPO 2018 In Las Vegas

YORKVILLE, Illinois — October 18, 2018 —  Forget the Citrus Bowl, the Cactus Bowl and even the Cotton Bowl. By popular demand, Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc., is bringing back the Great American Chocolate Bowl.

This year on Thursday and Friday at 2 p.m. during  SGIA EXPO 2018, the Aurora team will bring out that massive bowl of chocolates that brought smiles to so many faces in years past.

Just stop by Aurora’s  booth on the main floor, Booth 2791 at 2 PM Central. The chocolates are free!

SGIA EXPO 2018 takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct. 18-20, 2018.

And while you are there, feel free to ask about the long list of major digital printer manufacturers and finishing equipment brands that will be using  Aurora’s printable textiles — including Aurora’s new fully-expanded, Expressions canvas line — to demonstrate their newest, best and most advanced printing and finishing technologies on the convention floor.

Nearly anywhere you turn at SGIA 2018, you’ll see Aurora’s printable textiles at work demonstrating the latest equipment technologies, including new equipment from several of the show’s Platinum and Gold sponsors:

  • HP (Booths 1476 and 1161): 120” wide Expressions Matte Canvas will be used to demonstrate HP’s  Latex 3600 printer and Expressions 60” wide Gloss Canvas and 60”  wide Expressions Décor Semi-Gloss Canvas will be used on the HP Latex 570.
  • Mimaki (Booth 2161)  Aurora’s Linen FR, Twill FR, and  Uncoated Cotton Fabric will be used to demonstrate Mimaki’s Textile Pigment Inks.
  • Durst (Booth 2397) Dual rolls of 96” Expressions Matte Canvas will run on the Durst Rho 512R LED printer.
  • Fujifilm  (Booth 1119) Aurora’s 63″ Pearl  will run on Fujifilm’s Acuity Ultra 3208W. The Acuity Ultra 3208W is making its debut at SGIA.
  • SwissQprint (Booth 950 ) – 122″ wide  Expressions Semi-Gloss Canvas will be used to demonstrate the new SwissQprint Nyala 3. This the debut of the Nyala 3.
  • Zund (Booth 701) : Aurora’s 60″ Triple White will be used to demonstrate Zund’s S3 L-1600 and the G3 3XL-3200 digital cutters.
  • IT Supplies (Booth 735) : Aurora’s 60″ Expressions Semi-Gloss & Matte canvases will run on the Canon OCE Colorado UV Gel ink and Epson S80 Solvent printers. IT will also transfer print on Aurora’s Accent Soft Knit 5oz with an Epson 9370 and IT will demo heat transfer on Aurora products with a Therm TX Rotary unit.

See you at SGIA!

Posted October 18, 2018

Source: Aurora Specialty Textiles Group