Monforts Introduces Easy Compact Range For Knits

Germany-based A. Monforts  Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG has introduced to all global markets the Easy Compact range for advanced compacting of open-width knitted fabrics. A vertical chain return and 100-percent Nomex® durable twin felts in the stretching field offer controlled shrinkage and the lowest possible shrinkage values, according to the company. A sturdy pinning-in unit, motorized selvage uncurling device, and stainless steel tandem supporting bar for mark-free center support are other notable features of the Easy Compact reported by Monforts. In addition, a non-stop winder at the end of the range may be fitted with a fabric cooling device on the adjustable speed conveyor belt. Easy Compact is equipped with Monforts’ Qualitex PLC system.

September/October 2018