ITMA Asia + CITME 2018 Exhibitor Preview: Stäubli

PFÄFFIKON, Switzerland — July 24, 2018 — Stäubli Textile will be presenting its machinery range and latest solutions at two inviting booths at this year’s ITMA Asia. At Booth E01 in Hall 3, weavers will learn about innovations in weaving preparation and see high-speed shed formation solutions for all sorts of woven applications in action. Carpet weavers will see brand new pattern samples that impressively demonstrate Stäubli’s innovative binding technologies. At Booth D14 in Hall 4, knitters are invited to meet with Stäubli knitting specialists and observe the latest automation device in action — it drastically shortens the sock knitting process. ITMA Asia is an ideal opportunity to find out all about Stäubli’s comprehensive product range, which is perfectly suited to the needs of Asian mills.

Stäubli’s extensive range of products and solutions includes:

  • shedding solutions for frame weaving (cam motions, dobbies);
  • electronic Jacquard machines with harnesses, in formats for every woven application;
  • weaving preparation solutions for mastering warp preparation and warp tying;
  • weaving systems for carpeting and technical textiles; and
  • Deimo automation solutions for sock knitting.

Automation in weaving preparation – Stäubli unveils a world premiere in warp beam preparation

With its SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines, Stäubli has made a name for itself as an advanced solution provider for reliable automation in weaving preparation for the widest range of applications. Visitors to ITMA Asia will now see a further development: the SAFIR S30 set up especially for handling filament yarns. Featuring a new 16 frame/rod capacity, this setup is ideal for high-density warps with fine filament yarns. The SAFIR product range features state-of-the-art AWC (active warp control) technologies such as double-end detection, colour repeat, and S/Z-yarn management. These technologies are the result of continuous research and development driven by Stäubli’s values such as the vision to provide innovations that deliver further advantages to customers. This spirit of innovation has now led Stäubli once again to go one step further in the warp preparation process:

As a world premiere at ITMA Asia, Stäubli will unveil the new BEAMPRO yarn repeat reading-in machine, an automation aid at the sizing machine for sizing coloured warp sheets. Visitors can learn more about this weaving preparation solution at the show.

Frame weaving solutions for water-jet applications

As another novelty, Stäubli will be presenting its latest high-position rotary dobbies for water-jet applications, the S2658 and S2678 series. The S2678 will be on display in combination with the new de82/83 har­ness motions for high mounting, featuring an ingenious design incorporating valuable features such as maintenance-free bearings. These machines can be installed in the high position on the weaving machine, supporting the production of quality patterned fabrics.

In addition to the electronic rotary dobbies, Stäubli’s S1300 and S1600/S1700 series of cam motions will also be exhibited. These machines are available for high-speed weaving using every type of weft insertion system.

Jacquard weaving – Large format application on display

Visitors will see two complete Jacquard installations featuring different kinds of weft insertion. These installations are equipped with the LX and LXL Jacquard machines, designed for the production of terry and large-format clothing fabrics. Dedicated to large formats, the LXL setup is equipped with 19,584 harness cords (format of the machine exhibited is 10,240 hooks). The display will show the heavy payload capacities of this machine when weaving dense clothing fabrics. The LX setup (format of the machine exhibited is 4,096 hooks) will be shown producing terry fabric, operating 6,652 harness cords with two repeats. At the two-level booth, visitors will be able to observe the precise operation of these machines from the ground floor and from above.

A DX Jacquard machine will be shown in an area also demonstrating the broad range of Stäubli harnesses.

Jacquard weaving solutions for name selvedges

Two different examples of this will be shown: the CX 172 and the UNIVALETTE electronic Jacquard machine. The latter features individual warp-thread control, opening vast possibilities for a wide variety of applications. Both machines allow weavers to apply added value to their woven fabrics.

Carpet samples showing innovative binding technologies

Exclusive samples woven on ALPHA carpet weaving systems will be shown, exhibiting binding technologies and patterns ranging from extra-high-density carpets with traditional patterns to ultra-modern designer carpets.

Automatic toe-linking device for a shorter sock production process

Stäubli will be showing the recently launched D4S device on two circular knitting machines. This automation solution allows closing the toe of the sock directly on the knitting machine. It significantly shortens the sock production process.

Original Stäubli spare parts for extended longevity

Stäubli offers original spare parts even many years after purchase of the machine. A sampling will be on display at the booth.

Visitors to the fair will get a good overview of the vast application areas of Stäubli machinery at many places in the weaving hall and are invited to visit the two Stäubli booths E01 in Hall 3 and D14 in Hall 4. The pioneering products of Stäubli are the result of a well-balanced combination of performance, technical perfection, and proven solutions.

Posted July 24, 2018

Source: The Stäubli Group