New Pig Introduces PIG Grippy® Carpeted Entrance Mat

TIPTON, Pa. — March 21, 2018 — New Pig Corp., has introduced PIG Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat, the world’s first adhesive-backed carpeted mat. This latest addition to the Grippy Mat product line provides a stylish new solution to risky and outdated rubber-backed entrance mats that shift, slide and create tripping hazards.

Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat is available in two textures and four colors to complement any modern or upscale environment. The quick-drying carpet top, made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled content, features high-performance, colorfast fibers that resist stains and fading. A low-profile surface design traps dirt, debris, sand and liquids while helping the mat look cleaner, longer. And with crush-resistant, commercial-grade durability, the mat can stay in place for three to six months, depending on conditions.

Like all Grippy Mats, adhesive-backed Grippy Carpeted Mat stays put with no bunching, shifting, rippling, curling or flipping over. The mat’s proprietary adhesive backing delivers the ideal balance of stick-and-release performance to keep it in place, but peels up easily without leaving residue when it’s time to replace it. The adhesive backing also allows Grippy Carpeted Mat to be cleaned in place with a vacuum or water extractor, eliminating the hassle of dragging heavy mats around.

Grippy Carpeted Mat rolls out for continuous walk-off coverage with no gaps, ripples or overlaps that cause slips and trips. And since the mat cuts easily without fraying or unraveling, it can be used to create custom sizes and shapes around beams, corners and asymmetrical floor layouts.

Grippy Carpeted Mat is ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers and has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as a high-traction surface.

Posted March 21, 2018

Source: New Pig Corp.