Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 With Patented, Dual-Action Technology:
Innovative Odor Control Function For Polyester Textiles

GREENVILLE, SC — January 16, 2018 — SANITIZED AG, the worldwide leader in antimicrobial hygiene function, is releasing Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 featuring a dual-action technology that prevents permastink and minimizes odor intensity during wear. “This new Odor Control Function creates not only tangible added value for consumers, but also a competitive differentiating advantage for global marketing,” says Urs Zihlmann, the company’s product manager.

How Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 Prevents Permastink:

“Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 marks the end of permastink in polyester textiles,” says Darrell Burnette, sales manager for SANITIZED (USA), Inc. who is a chemist by training with more than 20 years of textile/specialty chemical experience. “Manufacturers of functional polyester textiles from all over the world face the same challenge. Freshly washed garments develop an unpleasant odor even after a short wearing period. The cause of this undesirable effect is not the human perspiration itself, but the bacteria that break down the perspiration. This process of decomposition generates the characteristic sweet, pungent smell. Once the bacteria, or the odor molecules, have penetrated the surface of the polyester textile, they remain permanently. Machine wash cycles and special detergents never completely eliminate them. The bacterial colonization produces a biofilm on the polyester, which not only causes unpleasant odors, but also has a negative impact on the properties of the material.”

According to Burnette, this is where the revolutionary dual-action technology comes into play. The surface of the textile is “coated” with Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 during the manufacturers’ padding process thus creating an anti-adhesive protective film on it. The bacteria use this protective film as the basis for docking onto the garment where the bacteria can be completely washed out in a normal wash cycle. This is what prevents any biofilm from forming. An anti-adhesion test method was developed in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) to prove this Wash Effect.

How Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 Minimizes Odor Intensity during Wear:

“The second part of this dual-action technology is that Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 has a high adsorbing effect,” Urs Zihlmann says. “Odors are ‘trapped’ and removed during a normal wash cycle. The odor adsorption action was identified using the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) test. This new product is the result of a technology that has been further developed and was given the Swiss Technology Award.”

The Odor Control Function is still going strong even after 50 wash cycles. This is still the case if garments are washed at 30°C/86°F, either by hand or in the machine, meaning consumers save on water and energy. In addition, the clothing item will continue to look great for a longer time.

Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 can be combined with other Sanitized® products, in particular those based on zinc pyrithione. This treatment does not influence the feel of the final treated textile.

As with all its other products, SANITIZED does not use any nano technology. The Hohenstein Institute has awarded the company the rating Skin Friendly, the bluesign® registration is underway. The product also bears the label Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX®.

As with all other products, the service provided by SANITIZED includes technological advice before and during production, in the definition of the verified efficacy, and in the use of the Sanitized® Ingredient Brand for promotional purposes.

Posted January 17, 2018